Lawyers and Notaries


Indemnity law

In the field of indemnity and liability law, we counsel insurers, enterprises, and private individuals in the judicial and extrajudicial defense against liability claims as well as the assertion of liability and recourse claims.

Our work excels through our precise fact-finding capabilities as well as our sound understanding for technical issues. In these areas we cooperate with experts from various fields.

Our specialist subjects include

  • Major as well as industrial national and international damage
  • National and international product liability and product damage as well as serial damage, e.g. in the fields of automotive products, building materials, food and seeds, even with many parties involved
  • Personal injury

Our advice particularly includes the following services:

  • Litigation proceedings in trial and appeal courts, with a focus on complex national and international insurance claim issues
  • Advice on liability risks and extrajudicial representation in the settlement of complex claims, even with many parties and transnational claims involved
  • Defense against product liability claims
  • Extrajudicial and judicial settlement or defense against recourse and liability claims as well as recall costs
  • Experience in the field of arbitration proceedings