Lawyers and Notaries

Scheiber & Partner


Our Services

In the field of legal advice we focus on the development of legally optimized solutions, always prioritizing our clients’ economic goals. We ensure that our legal services meet the highest quality standards by using modern communication technology, as well as non-bureaucratic, non-hierarchical and cost-efficient structures.

We have taken a conscious approach towards a compact law firm focusing on its core competencies (indemnity and insurance law, real estate law and company law). Specialization requires a constant requalification. All members of our law firm–lawyers, notaries, and assistants–optimize their working basis through constant training and a continuing education. In addition, our work is subject to a constant critical review.

Teamwork is crucial to us and it is based on openness, communication skills and mutual support. Thus, the know-how of all team members is available to our clients seeking legal or notarial advice.

Our clients

We place the client or the parties involved at the center of our legal or notarial advice.

Our focus is on our legal clients’ interests or those of the parties involved in all notarial activities; we are always at your disposal and we adjust our functioning to your respective requirements. We offer customized, practical and financially optimized solutions which–besides the proper legal qualification–require sector-specific knowledge.

Our goal is to establish a long-term client relationship by winning our clients’ confidence and retaining it.

Our values

The relationship between our associates is distinguished by trust and shared responsibility.

The cooperation between our lawyers and notaries is based on collegiality, mutual respect and appreciation.

We consider our secretarial staff to be assistants to the lawyers and notaries.

The principle of fairness applies to all business partners.

Our enterprise

Scheiber & Partner has an above average liquidity, covered by equity. The capital is raised and held by the partners.

Securing liquidity and earnings has priority over increasing market share. The rate of return is subordinated to market position, management quality and growth. Regular investments are given priority over short-term profit maximization. Profitability is measured in comparison to the norms and customs of the sector.

Independence has the highest priority. Fiscal objectives are given priority over profitability targets. Company-related targets are met within the scope of the performance.